Excited about product growth but stuck on what to implement first? Need a fresh set of growth experiments ideas?

Enroll in this Growth Ideation Workshop for free and learn how to generate high-potential growth ideas for your business and how to quickly prioritize them to find the moonshots candidate.

The framework you're going to learn about has been tested with 200+ companies from all around the globe. It is proven to leave you with dozens of high-potential product growth ideas that are aligned with the growth objectives of your organization.

After attending the course you will be:

  • Inspired by

    how quickly, purposefully and easily you and your team can come up with actionable ideas for growth experiments

  • Familiar with

    proven framework that will help you select the growth experiments most likely to succeed

  • Empowered

    to run workshops on how to build an experimentation program with your team to find a solution for any growth challenge in your business

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Quick Overview

    • Introduction

    • The Majority of Companies Still Start Rather Small

  • 2

    Preparation for the Workshop

    • Do Your Research: Quantitative & Qualitative Data

    • Setting Up Growth Objectives

  • 3

    Into the Workshop Session

    • Ideate & Prioritize

  • 4

    Start Your Growth Engine!

    • Start Your Growth Engine!